"The Intimate Dance should be a required class in all colleges and universities. They should call it Sex 101: The Pre-requisite to Marriage". If I had know this before I got married, my whole life would have turned out differently. M.L., Houston

"Before I met you the longest I had ever made love was twenty minutes and I was very proud of that because sex usually only lasted about ten minutes for me. Now I am never sexually united with my lover for less than one hour, and one time we made love for four hours straight without ever breaking our connection." M.S., Atlanta

"I used to think intimacy meant having sex, and I was worried about getting an erection. Now I know it is about a heart-fueled connection that is sustainable." M.U., Oklahoma City

"I've done The Intimate Dance with three women and all three of them cried in my arms." J.P., San Antonio

"I had the privilege of making love to a man who came to you for instruction and I just want to thank you for the work you are doing. I quit having recreational sex years ago because it wasn't fulfilling. But this man was conscious, present, and one of the most sensitive and attentive lovers I have ever met. I bow to you with gratitude." C.S., Austin

"I tried making love the way you teach it with my wife of ten years. I love her dearly and we have two children. She is my best friend. And the intimacy was so intense I became afraid. I now understand why they call Tantra a practice. It takes time for your nervous system to adjust so that consummation can happen. Thank you for enlightening me." D.P., New Braunfels

"My lover and I have been together off and on for ten years. When I made love to her the way you taught me she cried and thanked me. She said no man had ever made love like that to her before. For the first time ever, it felt like she was in love with me when we made love. Thank you for the work you are doing." R.T., San Antonio

"Thank you for a fun class. I learned so much that I didn't know. I think you should go on Oprah Winfrey with this information!" T.S., Boston

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