Learn to Do
The Intimate Dance

What is The Intimate Dance?

The Intimate Dance is an elegant and sophisticated style of sexual intercourse that involves moving through the positions of the Kama Sutra without breaking the intimate connection.




Become the very best lover you can be
Discover the secret of inspiring passion
Learn, heal, and rejuvenate your life
Meditation, connection, and relaxation
Yoga, massage, and The Intimate Dance
Hands-on demonstration and didactic instruction
Authentic intimate compassionate communication
A safe sane educational experience for adults


Help is also available for:

Erectile dysfunction
Performance anxiety
Premature ejaculation
Confidence building
Skill development
Intimate communication


The suggested love offering donation for a three-hour private lesson is $500.
I also offer one-hour sessions to established clients for $200 per hour.

If you would like to become a part of the Intimate Dance Experience, please click on: "SCREENING" and proceed to the Screening page.


Although I have long thought the laws against prostitution are unconstitutionally vague, broad and over-reaching, they must be obeyed as long as they are being enforced. I am open to working with people in a healing and helpful capacity, as long as it harms nobody and causes no legal problems. If you are hoping to have sexual intercourse with someone, I encourage you to please make an appointment with somebody else. Although I understand and respect that the need for sexual release is a biological imperative, and it can be very therapeutic, the thrust of my work is helping people attain physical and spiritual healing that will enable them to get their sexual needs met via satisfying personal relationships.


I advertise the fee as a "suggested love offering donation" to reduce the fear of risk for those with a need to know exactly what will happen to them before they commit to spending their hard-earned money, because it is really impossible to say. I customize each session to meet the needs of the individual. Until I have met you in person, had the chance to get to know you, ask you some questions, find out if you have any health issues that could restrict motion, or any other problems that might become obstacles, I don't know what direction my work with you might take.

How flexible are you? Can you touch your toes? Have you had any surgeries? Do you have arthitis, old injuries, heart problems, chronic health issues? Do you have jock itch, ring worm, or foot fungus? Do you have a healthy mouth and teeth? What sort of medications do you take? Are you dealing with any mental health issues, such as depression? All of these things are relevant and can affect the direction of your session.

I have found that some people need to relax with silence, some people need to be heard, some people want to learn, and most are seeking validation. Everybody needs to be touched and understood. My intention is to hold healing space and support you in getting your needs met. Substituting sex for intimacy and catering to sexual desire is placing bandaids where tourniquets are needed.



I included it to show how much fun it is to learn new ways of using your body.


If your body is capable of doing the Intimate Dance, I will show you how to do it. If not, I will teach you some yoga postures that you can practice to increase your flexibility. You can learn it when you are ready. Meanwhile, you will be touched, have the opportunity to touch me return. You will learn sacred spot massage, the million dollar point, and orgasmic intensification techniques. I I recommend fasting, colonic irrigation, systemic cleansing and natural solutions for libido issues. The number one thing men do to speed themselves to premature impotency is excessive ejaculation. I support the containment of sexual essence.

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