I went to a manifestation workshop many years ago. The man who offered it said that if we did want he told us, and we didn't manifest what we wanted, he would give us our money back.

Essentially, the assignment was to write sentences on a piece of paper, like the teacher made me do in grade school when I forgot to get my report card signed and bring it back. I was so pissed that I paid $50 for someone to tell me to write sentences that I was determined to get my money back.

So every day I wrote down, "I am surrounded by tall handsome cowboys with big hats." I figured there was no way that was going to happen. After a few days of writing this on paper, I ran out of milk and had a craving for some cereal late at night. I got in my car and drove to the grocery store to buy milk.

Much to my surprise and amazement the store was full of tall handsome cowboys wearing big hats that night! There was one on the isle I walked down. There was one at the back of the store where I got the milk. There was one in front of me and behind me when I went to check out. I was surrounded by tall handsome men wearing cowboy hats.

The affirmation worked. I didn't ask for my money back.

How to Manifest Anything You Want

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