Learning The Intimate Dance

The advanced love-making techniques I teach and recommend are simple, elegant, and natural. When I am teaching, almost every man I meet tells me that he is already doing all that. But I have only had five or six lovers, out of hundreds, who have actually done just a few of the things I teach with me. What I do when I teach is tell people the answer to the most frequently asked question of my career, which is, “What do you like?”

I took some time to recollect the best sexual experiences I’d ever had, made a list of what my lovers and I did together, and found the eloquence to articulate this in an accurate manner so it can be duplicated. Teaching people to make love like the best of the best, was my aim. Although everybody says they are already doing it, few of them really are. They simply have no interest in practicing and becoming better when they find out what is involved.

It takes about the same amount of practice and self discipline as studying for one belt test in martial arts, or learning how to Waltz. And, as with dancing and martial arts, once you have committed the moves to body memory, it happens automatically without even thinking. I don’t know why people are willing to practice disciplines like dancing and martial arts, but they want sexual intercourse to miraculously take place skillfully without putting in the time it takes to attain mastery.

Even if you have no interest in practicing to become a magnificent lover, is it not important to find out whether sexual compatibility is a possibility before making a marriage commitment? Oh but you say that you are not planning to get married. Have you deceived yourself into believing the desire is not emanating from a craving for total and complete consummation?

The traditional moral authorities that challenge people to transcend natural biological urges except to conceive a child, lack sufficient respect for nature. Non-traditional spiritual intellectuals define “celibacy” as abstinence from marriage, not from sexual intercourse. A virgin is simply an unmarried woman. A vestal virgin has never had sex before. Accurate understanding of sexual definitions would result in the shifting of social mores. If it were taboo to marry without adequate study, practice, and mastery, the divorce rate would be diminished as well.

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