Why Some Women Have a Hard Time Settling Down and Being Faithful

Many women are looking for someone who can coordinate a mutual simultaneous orgasm with them, and if they find that person the desire to be with anyone else vanishes, at least that is what happened to me when I met "the one"...

But women have also been conditioned to fake orgasms and spare the fragile male ego. If women don't fake orgasms men will think they are frigid, tell them they need therapy, and dump them for not being satisfied in bed. So women's lives are a whole lot easier if they will just pretend they are having orgasms, and take care of the issue alone after sex is over.

It doesn't take very long. After some hot passionate sex, a woman can easily achieve an orgasm in less than a minute, if she knows what an orgasm is. (There are two kinds of women, those who know what an orgasm is and those who don't. But that is another subject to be covered in a different blog post.)

The point is that if women try to give themselves an orgasm during sexual intercourse, a lot of guys will lose their erections. I think it's because men inherently or instinctively know the most natural "way" to have sex is for the feminine essence to surrender to the masculine essence and let it trigger orgasmic bliss.

But few men have been taught how to accomplish this. And those who don't know any better are all about treating a woman's vagina like it's a penis turned inside out, which makes it impossible for a woman to have an orgasm. If women tell men to "be still" so they can push the button and get themselves off, men will get bored and try to be of assistance to speed things along. They want to help, so they do things that jiggle women. Jiggling doesn't work.

A woman can't keep her finger on the clitoris when a man is moving her. A woman's orgasm occurs in extreme stillness. It is a very contemplative process. Sorry to all you guys who are hooked on porn shows, but that isn't how it works in real life. And watching someone meditate is just not all that exciting unless you are in love and you know how to consciously use intimacy to fuel orgasmic passion. To make this even more challenging, when the masculine essence isn't connected by emotional intimacy in love, it needs to thrust, so a man won't lose his erection. And thrusting is another thing that prevents a woman from keeping her finger in place to achieve orgasmic bliss.

Some men will kindly try to be still, and allow the feminine essence to build up orgasmic pleasure, but they usually go soft and pop out over and over because waiting for the feminine essence to have an orgasm is just not all that exciting unless you're in love and channeling sexual energy for higher spiritual purposes. Each time a woman gets close to an orgasm the man's penis pops out. Then the woman has to start all over. Sex just seems like a frustrating never-ending process if the feminine essence is intent upon having an orgasm too. That is why so many people prefer to have orgasms alone, or with a vibrator.

Abstaining from orgasm to increase sexual desire doesn't make orgasm any easier for the feminine essence, either. All it does is increase sexual frustration. Because the masculine essence doesn't seem to realize that you have to treat a clitoris like it's a tiny little penis. You can't pretend a vagina is a penis turned inside out, and expect the friction and motion that satisfies the masculine essence, to satisfy the feminine essence too. Yes, the feminine essence can feel vicarious pleasure when the masculine essence has orgasms during sexual intercourse. It feels very very good. But it just makes the feminine want to have an orgasm simultaneously, even more badly. It is really sad and lonely when you have to go in the bathroom and give youself an orgasm after sex, because you didn't get to climax during intercourse.

A lot of women have expanded their concept of orgasm to include "vaginal orgasms". A vaginal orgasm is the pleasure a woman feels when a man has an orgasm during sexual intercourse. It is very intense pleasure and increases a woman's desire to have an orgasm all the more. Having a really good lover is almost worse than having a lousy lover. Because when you are with someone who really really turns you on, you need to have an orgasm more than when you are simply accommodating the masculine out of a sense of duty, and he isn't very good in bed.

Most guys don't know their lovers aren't orgasmic. (A lot of women don't realize they are not orgasmic, because they have lied about it so much, they have convinced themselves it's true. But these are women who don't know what an orgasm is. And you can't blame them for trying, or believing their efforts are fruitful, especially given how much pressure there is on the feminine essence to come come come!)

The masculine essence inherently knows the truth and naturally wants to be with someone it can share the joy of satisfaction with. If the feminine essence is not satisfied, it tends toward bitchiness about other areas of life. There is a longing to be subdued. Instead of staying in relationship with someone who is complaining about everything, the masculine urge is to leave. Meanwhile, the feminine essence usually gets into relationship with someone because they think there is hope of having an orgasm, too, at first. But after "making love" the same old way for months on end, and it still isn't working, the feminine will eventually give up hope of ever having an orgasm during sexual intercourse. That is when they will start thinking they are with the wrong person, and others will start to seem very attractive.

In order to avoid all this, people must become world class lovers. Nearly everybody who is sexually active and single will take a ticket and wait in line to be with a world class lover any time. When you experience a world class lover, the desire to be with anyone else is diminished.

A world class lover is someone who gives a fantastic massage. They can feel the twitch (there are two kinds of twitch) and use the sensation to intensify passion. A world class lover is someone who looks their lover(s) in the eyes while making love to them, uses synchronized breathing (specifically inhaling each other's exhales) to enhance the pleasure of connection. A world class lover speaks with sophisticated sensual conversation, rather than nasty talk, and knows how to move through the positions of the Kama Sutra without breaking the intimate connection. These are all areas where the feminine essence tends to naturally rely on the masculine essence to take the lead.

World class lovers have also mastered emotional intimacy and communication. This is the area where the feminine essence tends to be more developed and the masculine essence naturally depends on the feminine essence to take the lead. World class lovers also treat their partners with respect in all areas of life.

If you aren't yet a world class lover in your relationships, the lover you are with probably intuitively knows they need to be with someone else. And it needs to be someone who knows how to coordinate a mutual simultaneous orgasm in a call and response fashion. Please note that if decide to you tell your lover to come with you now, but they are not ready or able to do that yet, you will just seem foolish and incompetent and it will make things worse between you. Timing is key. But that is a topic for another blog post.

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