The Sexual Harassment of Bill Clinton

I liked the Clintons. I didn't vote for Bill the first time he ran, but my life got a whole lot better after he took office, so he got my vote the second time he ran. I also like his poet friend Miller William's, Miller's daughter Lucinda, his campaign manager James Carville, and how he intended to use the military as peace keepers rather than warriors.

What he did for the economy and deficit gave me hope for a good life like my parents had in the fifties. I bought a house while he was president. Sure wish I hadn't sold it so soon. It would be worth half a million now.

I never thought Bill had sex with that woman either. To me sex is sexual intercourse, and a bj is a bj, and I bet he was expecting there to be two more questions after "Did you have sex with Ms. Lewenski?" After getting a "No" to that question a good lawyer would have then asked, "Did you perform Cunnilingus on her?" After getting a "No" to the second question, a good lawyer would have then asked a third: "Did she perform fellatio on you?"

I bet he would have said "yes" to that. But the Republicans were oh so eager to convict him they didn't even ask enough relevant questions to do so legitimately. The reason the Democrats didn't vote to impeach him is because they knew he didn't intend to lie. Fact is, he didn't have sex with her. She had sex with him. Subtle nuances are very important, especially when someone is out to get you.

And with the way women are accusing men of sexual harassment these days for a hand on the lower back and a kiss on the forehead, it could have been very dangerous for him to say, "Ms. Lewenski, please come out from under my desk. This is NOT appropriate! I have a wife!" The rejection could have pissed her off and made her take revenge.

I had a co worker tell my boss that I sexually harassed him one time because I swatted a fly on the steering wheel. Something about me doing that made him think I wanted to have sex with him. So he began hitting on me. Over and over and over he hit on me. I kept saying no.

He hit on me so hard and so much that once he realized I wasn't going to a hotel with him, like he kept suggesting we do, he got scared that I was going to accuse him of sexual harassment. Not wanting to lose his job over it, he made a pre-emptive strike and accused me of sexually harassing him. If you accidentally, unintentionally flirt with a man and refuse to have sex with him, that's sexual harassment these days. Ultimately, I ended up leaving my job over it. It was just too uncomfortable to work there anymore.

A lot of guys will get angry and accuse you of prostitution scamming these days if you refuse to make an appointment with them for a massage because they are soliciting you for sex. Life is weird. Go figure.

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