Sexuality and Spirituality

I happened upon the abstract of a scientific article called ""Born again is a sexual term": demons, STDs, and God's healing sperm" on Pub Med. It sounded like something very interesting to read. So I posted the link on my facebook page. As soon as I did that, my dog began to growl. It was 3:54 in the morning. We were at home alone. We live kind of out in the country. I heard no odd noises and there wasn't any other reason for her to begin growling. She rarely growls. When she hears a strange noise, she runs around barking. I am very grateful to have a dog who can sense things I cannot. Just wish I knew what to make of it. Here is the link to the article I posted right before she began to growl:

Born Again is a Sexual Term

For sure I will be reading the book Holy Sex: God's Purpose and Plan for Our Sexuality. It is available on Amazon.

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