Sexual Mastery

People go to universities to prepare themselves for good jobs, they work out at gymnasiums to get in shape, condition their bodies, and stay healthy. It’s a requirement to study, practice, and take a test before getting a driver’s license. But everybody is allowed to enter the most important relationship of a lifetime, a marriage, with little or no information about what it takes to have a mutually satisfying sex life.

Few people understand the significance of a true marriage or the real meaning of consummation because couples getting married are never taught how to coordinate a mutual simultaneous orgasm. A sense of longing arises before the honeymoon is over, and lovers begin to wonder what went wrong, both of them secretly hungering for something more. Neither of them is sure what is missing. Eventually all hope is gone. Lovers lose interest in having sex with each other, or at least not that often.

Nobody purchases a house without getting it inspected first. Few people would consider buying a car without taking it for a test drive. Many parents won’t even let their kids buy a pair of shoes without trying them on first. Yet moral authority has insisted on teaching everybody that it’s immoral to have sex before marriage. Most ignore the message.

People who lose at love without getting married often try to enhance the quality of their next intimate relationship by purchasing a marriage license and having a ceremony first. There is even more disappointment when that doesn’t work either. Men are fond of pornography. Women are fond of erotica. There-in lies the problem. Neither portrays reality.

Sex education classes exist to warn people about the dangers of STDs, the responsibility of pregnancy, and the cost of having a child. The ability to connect intimately, communicate effectively, clear up any confusion that arises because love goes blind, and re-establish specified boundaries are not discussed. These are all are very important issues, too.

So is the ability to give a great massage, use superior penetration technique, feel the twitch, enhance your passionate connections with eye contact, synchronized breathing, and sophisticated sensual conversation. Also important is the ability to feel your feels, express your emotions respectfully, even grief and anger. Intimate communication is lacking.

So is the ability to move from one position to another without breaking the intimate connection. And that may be the most important and rewarding love-making technique of all, because it adds creativity and spontaneity to a person’s love-making style. It helps avoid boredom in the bedroom. The solution to boredom in the bedroom is what is needed by those who’ve come to rely on finding new partners to spice up their sex lives.

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