Second Thoughts on Cuomo Ordeal

I've been sexually harassed on several occasions, and violently raped for resisting. So I know a little about sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment is when you are transferred to a horrible crappy job and then offered something much better if you will perform fellatio on the boss. Sexual harassment is when you are offered a promotion and more money if you will be the boss's mistress in exchange for the promotion. If not, F you, you can starve and stay poor for all he cares.

Sexual harassment is when you are cornered and about to get raped and (fortunately) someone happens to come by and see what is going on, so he pulls the idiot off of you. Sexual harassment is when someone hits on you and hits on you and hits on you over and over and over and you refuse and keep refusing to mix business with pleasure, so he goes and tells your boss that you sexually harassed him out of spite because you rejected his advances. All of that has happened to me and out of all those incidences there is only one that made me mad enough to come forward. So, although I don't think women should have to endure sexual harassment, the women accusing Cuomo seem pretty wimpy to me.

I've been listening to everything and haven't heard any allegations that I would put in the category of sexual harassment that needs to be reported. Most certainly not the kind of sexual harassment that is going on in the world I've worked in. These women are pretty sensitive if that is all it takes to set them off. Did he spread lies all over town about them because he was mad about not getting laid the way he wanted when he wanted? Are they imagining the worst and turning pebbles into boulders because they are wounded and paranoid? How does a man circumvent something like that, other than to isolate and avoid interaction with somen at all. Now we know why there are men only institutions. Men need a place where it is safe for them to be themselves.

Unless I have missed something major, what Anita Hill and Christine Blasey Ford went through was a whole lot worse than anything the Cuomo women have reported yet. But Cuomo is being called on to resign, and we have to tolerate Thomas and Kavanaugh serving on the Supreme Court. But Cuomo will probably have to defend himself in court!

It would be very interesting to see how the two sexually harassing justices might rule in a case like this. What do you want to bet they would support the women in attempt to further exonerate and redeem themselves in a sick attempt to further gaslight their real victims? Justice is not what happens. How disturbing that Cuomo is being hounded for a resignation while the USA supports and celebrates Thomas' and Kavanaugh's appointments.

I have listened to both Cuomo's self defense and the prosecutions "evidence". It all just sounds to me like nothing more than the normal traditional misunderstandings that go on between men and women all the time. Yet we get coke can pubic hair idiocy and rapists crammed down our throats to make sure women can't have abortions any more, while young women who get an unwanted kiss on the cheek take down a man who has been a champion of women's rights.

What was she doing telling him about wanting to get her butt tattooed if she didn't like him? That is not the kind of thing you say to a man if you don't want to be titillating. Women want the freedom to flirt, be enticing, and accuse men of harassment if the men get confused by it. It doesn't seem right. But I don't want women to be sexually harassed either. How do you prove what a man's intention was?

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