Some Things People Don't Know That is Ruining Their Sex Lives

How to Read the Signals Correctly

Patience and persistence pay off, but being a bull-dozer doesn't. If the object of your desire backs off, don't chase. Take a step back, too, and wait. If there is interest, they will advance toward you, in their own time. In this way, seduction becomes a dance, not a pursuit.

Waiting for mutual desire to have sex

If you are the one who always initiates, you are wearing your lover out and they are eventually going to say "I don't want to do this any more!" If you value the relationship, you would would be better off going without sex and waiting for your lover to initiate, than always accepting accomodating sex. If you are convinced that your lover is never going to initiate sex, and you will have to live without it for as long as you are in the relationship, it may be time to talk about the possibility of ending it. If your partner isn't interested in breaking up, then it is time to learn some skills that will turn them on.

How to give a great massage

A lot of people say they give a great massage, but if you take your clothes off all they do it fondle your genitals. That is not a massage. Other people give a poor quality massage that doesn't feel good. Some people give a really good massage, but their partner doesn't reciprocate. All of these things are a turn off. The best way to learn how to give a good massage, is to receive good massages and pay attention to what the person massaging you is doing. If you don't know how to give a good massage, it is unlikely that you are going to be a very good lover because you have to be able to touch someone with confidence to make love. Learning how to give a good massage increases confidence.

Superior penetration technique

Spiraling is key. Back out when you feel your lover's body grip you instead of pushing past the grip. This is very important. The grip means there is not enough lubrication. Release the pressure, spiral in place, and lubrication will increase. After it does, spiral in deeper. Yes the grip feels good to the person penetrating. But it hurts the person being penetrated. If you want the sex to be as delicious and juicy as possible, you have to coax the juice to flow.

The twitch

After you have spiraled together completely, be still and wait until you can feel the twitch, and/or a pulsing sensation. Then flex your genital muscles and twich your lover back. When two people begin to communicate with their bodies in this manner, the possiblity of a mutual simultaneous orgasm begins to emerge.

Eye contact

Keep your eyes open and look at your lover while you are making love. You cannot fantasize about someone else and coordinate a mutual simultaneous orgasm. If you have ever felt empty after sex, like something went wrong, or is missing, it is probably because you failed to consciously coordinate a mutual simultaneous orgasm. You must be fully present with the person you are making love to, if you want to become one soul resonating in two bodies via orgasmic union.

Synchronized breathing

When lovers synchronize their breath, they also become more attuned to each other. Inhaling each others exhales is a powerful way to begin the process of a genuine sacred union. If there is hesitancy to do this, you need to find out why. Is it bad breath, fear of disease, lack of love? If you lover doesn't want to inhale your exhale, a mutual simultaneous orgasm is not going to be possible.

Sophisticated sensual conversation

Consciously coordinating a mutual simultaneous orgasm usually and most often occurs in a call and response manner. "Open your eyes and look at me, your skin feels like silk, I love to feel your breasts touching my chest, does this feel as good to you as it does to me, do you like it when I do this to you, will you do it to me and show me how it feels?" These kinds of things are a whole lot more sexy than "Oh God, fuck me baby, fuck me, deeper, harder!" Etcetera. When elegant sensual conversation escalates to lusty, it doesn't seem nasty. If you use nasty talk to work yourself and/or your partner up, shame can undermine the sustainability of the relationship.

The Intimate Dance

Move gracefully and elegantly from missionary to doggie, then back to missionary. From there, roll over and switch from bottom to top. Assisting your lover to spin 360 degrees. Move back into missionary. Do all this in a very slow and deliberate manner, pausing to make love in every comfortable nuanced position. This causes love making to last for hours. There is a very sweet and easy way to get from missionary to doggie and back comfortably. If you can do that, you will be a world class lovers. It is hard to describe, easy to master, and fun fun fun to learn in a class.

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