New Paradigm Agenda: Opening the Sacred Yoni

The Sacred Yoni is an energetic vortex. It is the universal toroidal trap that separates the wheat from the chaffe. It cleanses and purifies all that no longer deserves to exist through a force that is more powerful than death and destruction. The force is vibrational in nature.

The Tantra Sutras say that when the sacred yoni opens and the Amrita flows the earth will be healed. The Ancient Mystery School teachers have long said that if a species is presented with the opportunity for sexual enlightenment, and fails to achieve it, it will evolve into a hive.

The powerful people in charge of this planet do not believe most ordinary human beings are capable of attaining sexual enlightenment. They have an agenda that they are working toward. The family unit is on the list of things designated as "unsustainable" by the planning committee. Millions of two hundred twenty five square foot single cell units will be constructed as single worker dwelling placed in the future. The intention is to house the single human resources as cheaply as possible.

I may not live long enough to see this, but my hope is that you will surprise them. In order to do so you must transcend the conditioned sexual responses that are preventing you from having mutually satisfying sexual relationships. And you must do so without harming each other. A greater degree of sexual responsibility will be necessary for this to happen. It is very important for everybody to become aware that if you fantasize about someone to have an orgasm, the person you are using to fuel your desire is energetically impacted by it. Sexual magicians know how to use the energy for conjuring. Those who are not skilled in sex magic are just pesky hungry ghosts.

As the spiritual veil gets thinner and polarization increases, it is becoming more apparent how powerful the sexual energy is. Those who are willing to accept a greater degree of sexual responsibility will have the ability to preserve the gift of individual freedom and choice. Refusing to do so will lead to a collective neutering. Sexual repression is so deeply ingrained, sexual healing will be a miracle. It begins with intimate communication. Then you must learn to dance together, standing up to music. Because it is a vibrational process.

After proceeding to the dance floor, you must become comfortable close-dancing without pressuring partners to have sex with you because they trusted you enough to dance closely with you. Refrain from shaming them and resentfully accusing them of being mean or cruel for turning you on and then refusing to have sex, too. When you can dance, and to dance is enough, then proceed to massage.

After you can trade excellent quality massages without any expectations of having sex, you will be ready to proceed to The Intimate Dance. When you can move elegantly and effortlessly through the positions of the Kama Sutra without breaking the intimate connection, while keeping your eyes on your partner and synchronizing your breathing, using sophisticated sensual conversation, a paradigm shift will occur in your relationships. But you must first begin to approach relationships consciously for the purpose of coordinating a mutual simultaneous orgasm, slowly and deliberately, without rushing or bull dozing people into having sex with you.

Exploring potential relationships on the dance floor and on the massage table, without consummating until there is a commitment in place, will lead to greater sexual joy by eliminating the pressure that prevents desire from blossoming for some, and destroys passion for others. This is what will open the sacred yoni. And when she opens, the earth will be healed. What I am talking about is a vibrational thing. Watch the video below on how vibrations change sand. Do you know how much silicon is on this planet?

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