Old Fashioned Orgasmic Revival

Come one! Come all! Welcome to the Old Fashioned Orgasmic Revival! I am talking about the kind of orgasm people used to have before the word "orgasm" was hijacked and redefined as a "climax" by those who would rather avoid the issue than figure out how to really have one. Back in the good old days when people still thought it might be possible to come together, orgasm was known to be an extremely pleasurable stress-relieving sensation that sent waves of warm blissful energy pulsing through the genitals. If you were lucky, the pleasure might even emanate through your whole body. Songs were written about it. People used drugs to enhance the experience in hopes of attaining a mutual simultaneous orgasm.

Full-body orgasm was considered highly desirable, and there were even spiritual rumors that if two mystical lovers could come together in a mutual simultaneous full-body orgasm while sexually united, orgasm would rewire the human nervous system and it would begin automatically converting sexual energy into spiritual bliss. The true meaning of "Nirvana" is the bliss of sexual energy converted into spiritual energy. Once "chasing more tail" pales in comparison to eternal spiritual bliss, sex naturally becomes cherished as a means of enlightenment and conception exclusively. The mythical children born of such union are said to have the largest and purest souls.

Karezza and Semen Retention are the natural and effortless results of a genuine union of souls. They only seem difficult, daunting, or impossible for those who are still in a state of sexual hunger that is often called "sexual addiction" by our modern culture. It is important to respect sexual hunger and obtain the healthy kind of nutrition your body needs, so it can transform sexual energy into spiritual bliss. To have and to hold, heart to heart, belly to belly, in a full embrace while swaying to the music of life without any expectation beyond a dance is the clean and fertile soil that love needs to grow, a love that is so true it inspires faithfulness and devotion.

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