How did you learn The Intimate Dance?

It was more like an accidental discovery. As a newly divorced young woman I went on a quest for what I call "the big O in the sky" and met a man who made love like nobody had ever made love with me before. Because of him, I knew there was nothing wrong with my body. It was a relief knowing that God was not a practical joker, and I could have an orgasm during sexual intercourse with a man. I also met several other wonderful lovers on my quest, and I included their exquisite love-making qualities on my list of The Eight Characteristics of a Sensual Virtuoso.

Why should I learn The Intimate Dance?

There are no "shoulds" with regard to The Intimate Dance. But if you would like to have a more satisfying and fulfilling sex life, The Intimate Dance can spice up your love-making style with spontaneity and creativity that many people are longing for. Mastering all of the love-making techniques requires practice and dedication, especially moving through the positions of the Kama Sutra without breaking the intimate connection. You only need to master two or three of the Eight Characteristics of a Sensual Virtuoso to become a much more skillful and competent lover than most.

Who is Bossy Ryder?

I enjoy doing some acting and stand up comedy from time to time and Bossy Ryder is one of the characters I created for You Tube to promote my intimacy consulting services. I liked the name and thought it was appropriate because one of the questions my lovers always asked me on my quest for the Big O in the sky was, "What do you like?" Bossy Ryder is a woman who knows what she likes. And she will accept nothing less. She is a tantra teacher and sacred sex coach who teaches men how to become better lovers.

Who modeled for your photos?

His modeling name is Japhy Andrews. He is in a polyamorous relationship with a lovely polyamory coach. I am hoping they will become Intimate Dance teachers and make a how-to Intimate Dance video to sell in wedding shops for newly weds to watch on their honeymoons.

What does it cost to attend an Intimate Dance Playshop?

The cost for a six day intensive Intimate Dance Playshop is $3000 per couple. Weekend rendezvous are $1000 per couple. One day mini-vacations are $300 per couple. Accommodations are extra.

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