What is The Intimate Dance?

The INTIMATE DANCE is an elegant and sophisticated style of making love that involves transitioning through numerous sexual positions without breaking the intimate connection. It is sometimes referred to as a "Western Version of the Kama Sutra" by those who have learned it.


People take Intimate Dance Classes to infuse their love-making style with a creativity and passion that most people have never experienced before, and because they would like to have more satisfying and fulfilling intimate relationships.


You will learn:
* And experience creative sensual massage techniques
* The power of the four keys to a genuine union of souls
* To Communicate more effectively about your intimacy needs
* How to embody the eight characteristics of a Sensual Virtuoso
* How to move through 12 positions without breaking connection

Nudity is not required and all boundaries are respected.

I'll be One Hundred

I was laying next to my lover in bed one night and whispered in his ear, “There is song that reminds me of you.”
“What is it?” He asked.

“I'm going to learn it and sing it for you,” I replied.

“I’d be honored!” He said quietly, as the HVAC clicked on and the sound of the motor muffled his words.

It sounded to me like he said, “I’ll be a hundred!”

Wondering if I had just been insulted, or what, I didn’t know how to respond. I decided to breath and think about the situation. I remained silent for a moment or two contemplating the predicament I was in. Was he expecting me to laugh at his joke, or was he being passive aggressive because he was annoyed at me? He writes beautiful music. I had yet to learn any of his songs. It seemed like a subtle attempt at shaming me into practicing the piano more often. Instead of presuming what he meant, I decided to inquire further.

“I am not sure how to respond to that!” I said.

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“Well, should I laugh, or do you want me to practice the piano more often?”

“Neither! Why do you ask?” He replied.

“Because you think it will take me forty years to learn the song,” I said.

“I don’t think we should put a time line on it,” He replied.

“Well I agree, especially not 40 years!” I said.
“What do you mean by that?” He asked.

“It will be 40 years before you are 100 years old!” I explained.

“What does that have to do with any of this?” He inquired.

“You just told me you'll be 100 years old before I sing the song for you!”

“No I didn’t!” He said.

 “Well what did you say then?” I asked.

“I said I would be honored!” He explained.

 “Oh! Okay then! Never mind!” I said.

We both had a really good laugh. He thanked me for having the patience to figure out what he really said without getting angry. But there was a time when I would have blown up as soon as I misunderstood. We would have had a great big fight over nothing. Neither of us would have ever known why. The relationship would have been over. He would have been convinced that I was crazy. It is nice to know I can do things differently now.


The Things Men Don’t Know That Ruins Their Sex Lives:
How to Be a Sensual Virtuoso


Assuming that women would like to have sex because they have been nice or flirtatious and an erection has resulted from the attention is a mistake. Although many women will go ahead and accommodate men sexually in order to be kind or avoid being called a “prick tease” charitable and obligatory sex is always tainted with subtle hesitation, which diminishes the amount of joy that can be achieved. Optimization of sexual pleasure results when desire has been allowed to flower first.

Although many lovers are not experienced and sensitive enough to know why, there is a lingering uneasiness that something is missing or not quite right. Without divine alignment there is a residual hunger and emptiness that remains unsatisfied by sex. Lovers are prone to thinking their partner is to blame. She was a cold fish, or he was a lousy lover, they say. For the most part, neither is true. Lovers are simply waiting for inspiration. And they don’t know how to inspire one another.

Waiting for divine alignment has nothing to do with remaining abstinent until after the wedding ceremony and presuming you are entitled to have sex any time you want it because you purchased a license to be married. Divine alignment means you have developed and fine-tuned your sexual intuition enough to know when someone is really in the mood to have sex with you, and you would prefer to refrain from doing so unless there is mutual desire of equal measure.

At a subconscious level, flirtation is a test that women conduct to find out if they are safely contained in an environment where they can express themselves naturally and uninhibitedly. Women need to have their feminine essence appreciated without any judgements, expectations and presumptions. When a man pressures a woman for sex because of a flirtation and she requires a commitment before she will agree to do it, it is because she doesn’t feel safe having sex with him otherwise. Such responses become hardwired into the fabric of human experience over time.

Men say they long for women to be less inhibited and they want women to enjoy sex without any strings attached. But when women do that, men treat them like sluts and whores without paying. When women behave flirtatiously without any intention of having sex, men get angry and shame them for being mean and cruel. Women who flirt and hold out for a commitment get trapped with men in unhappy relationships and feel obligated to have sex whether it turns them on or not. And if women behave conservatively, the men have no way of knowing they are interested, so they get involved with other women who flirt. All of this results in disappointment and frustration. There is a better way.

The most attractive men are those who know how to express interest in women and give them some encouragement without pursuing sex prematurely and pressuring them to have it before they are ready. Something magical happens when men allow women to do some of the pursuit. Sexual seduction turns into dance instead of a tail-chasing marathon. Instead of grasping on to the possibility of having sex with someone, getting angry if it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen, feeling jaded about it, and resorting to the use of guilt and shame out of desperation, it is much more elegant and pleasant to simply wait until a woman has decided that she wants to have sex without reservation. This requires a lot of self-confidence and to do so knowing that women are always under heavy pressure to have sex from other men could make it seem like a daunting task. But the men with enough confidence and courage to dance their way into bed with a woman by showing respect and giving encouragement are infinitely more attractive than those who view sex as a conquest.

Conquerers nearly always resent the responsibility that comes with the prizes they have won. It’s never long too before a honeymoon is over. Sex becomes the boring obligation. Something spicy is needed to make a daily duty bearable. Those lacking creative love-making abilities must look for different body, another face, and a new personality to keep getting themselves turned on. It’s a negative vortex and a downward spiral, a black sucking hole to nowhere and nothing. The toroidal trap of emotional drama is entirely avoidable by a skillful lover.

To open up a whole world of sexual possibilities that you never knew existed before, simply change your style of seduction. Waiting patiently for a woman to make the first move sexually gives you the time you need to find out whether she is interested in you as a person and a lover, or simply flirting because she is ovulating. It doesn’t really matter unless you take women seriously and respect them. If you don’t, you should probably look for a submissive to train instead. But the hottest sex you will ever have will be limited by your fetish. On the other hand, cultivating sensual patience is an act of power that will enhance your personal magnetism and increase the odds that other women will be pursuing you, which is a nice consolation prize, if that is what you would like to see happen.

Sex for the purpose of procreation is a very simple and natural phenomenon. Nearly all couples can have sex well enough to get themselves pregnant and have babies. Having a mutually satisfying sexual relationship in the orgasmic sense is another matter entirely. Mutual simultaneous orgasm may be the most intricately complex and challenging attainment humanly possible due to diversity and inevitability of emotional and physical needs. Teachers of the ancient mystery school traditions have said that when a species is presented with the opportunity for sexual enlightenment, and it fails to achieve it, it evolves into a hive.

Unfortunately, many people have never experienced a mutually fulfilling sexual encounter because of the common fear that sex might not occur unless the person wanting it most pressures for it to happen. Occasionally there is a role reversal, but it is usually the testosterone driven masculine essence pressuring the estrogen laden feminine essence to have sex before a sufficient desire has arisen to become compelling for her to do so. Developing enough patience to let reluctance dissipate and enthusiasm blossom will increase the intensity of your connections and enhance your pleasure.

Saying things like “Come on! You know you want it, too!” might get you laid sooner rather than later. But you could also be accused of date rape. High pressure sexual encounters also have a way of turning into relationships that are full of drama and unrealistic expectations. It is inevitable when your lover does you a favor by agreeing to have sex without ever getting a chance to want it. Pressuring someone to have sex conveys a sense of urgency and neediness that dampens passionate desire with dread and resentment.

Men with enough confidence and patience to allow women the freedom and space to be friendly and flirtatious without incurring any sexual obligation tend to develop a special kind of sensitivity that serves to kindle a woman’s sexual passion. A woman can feel it when a man resents flirtation without any sexual intentions. Assuming responsibility for such a sense of entitlement is unappealing to most women, unless they are intending to marry as a legal means of prostitution.

If you consider it mean for women to flirt and you are easily strung along by the hope of having sex, I encourage you to consider how the resentment conveys a sense of urgency and neediness that is disempowering. Experiment with simply enjoying flirtation for the sake of flirtation and see where it leads. Perhaps you will discover that intentionally holding space for mere desire to thrive and blossom into the fullness of passion, can result in a much more satisfying sexual experience because maximum attraction is present. Men who never give women the opportunity to become enticing and provocative are destined to settle for a life of mediocrity.

It is also important to mention that many women are very interested in developing and maintaining a reputation for being sex Goddesses. Some of them may even put on a very good show to convince a man what she wants him to believe. The truth always comes out in the end. If sex is good, other problems can find solutions. If not, the only hope is to settle for a life of mediocrity, become platonic friends, and have sex outside the relationship.


Rushing in relationships is like rushing on ice. It invites a fall. To become in divine alignment is a very delicate endeavor that requires a specific kind of effort. Soul merger and allowing the energy fields to become one prior to sexual consumption is pre-requisite. There are many ways for a divine alignment to occur. I’ve heard tell of a couple living together platonically for one year before consummating a sexual union. There is also a body of work insisting that a couple must sleep together without having any sex for an extended period of time before the energy fields can become one.

Read the signals correctly
Don’t be in rush to have sex
Give a great massage
Superior Penetration Technique
The Twitch
Eye Contact
Synchronized Breathing
Sophisticated Sensual Conversation
Moving through positions of Kama Sutra
Consciously Coordinate a MSO
Graciously and Gracefully Moving Along

Agenda 2030

The Tantra Sutras say that when the sacred yoni opens and the Amrita flows the earth will be healed. Ancient Mystery School teachers have long said that if a species presented with the opportunity for sexual enlightenment fails to achieve it, it will evolve into a hive. The powers that be do not believe human beings are capable of attaining sexual enlightenment and the family unit is on the list of things designated as "unsustainable" by the Agenda. Millions of two hundred twenty five square foot single cell dwelling units are being designed and built for single worker occupation in the future. The intention is to house human resources as cheaply as possible.

I hope and pray we can surprise them. In order to do so we must transcend the conditioned sexual responses that are preventing people from having mutually satisfying sexual relations, and we must do so without harming each other. A greater degree of sexual responsibility will be necessary for this to happen. It is important for everybody to become aware that if you fantasize about someone and have an orgasm, the person you are using to fuel your desire is energetically impacted by it. Sex shaman's know about this and use the energy for conjuring.

As the spiritual veil thins ever more, it will become apparent to everybody just how powerful the sexual energy is. Those who are willing to accept a greater degree of sexual responsibility will have the power to preserve the gift of individual freedom and choice. Refusing to do so will lead to the collective neutering. Because sexual repression is so deeply ingrained, I predict this kind of healing will have to begin on the dance floor before the shift occurs that is attained by uniting in sexual relations.

Exploring potential relationships on the dance floor will lead to greater sexual joy by eliminating the sexual pressure that prevents desire from blossoming. When to dance is enough, the earth will be healed.

The Splinter from a Parallel Dimension

A couple of years ago I dreamed I was scooting my feet along a wooden deck and got a splinter. The pain of the splinter woke me up. Upon awakening, the pain did not go away, so I got up and turned on the light to have a look at the bottom of my foot. Lo and behold, there was really a splinter. I guessed I must have picked up a splinter somewhere without noticing and had a dream to let me know about it. The incredible thing was the size of the splinter. How could I get a splinter like that and not even notice it until after I fell asleep at night?! But there it was. I got my tweezers, pulled it out, and put the splinter in the candle holder plate on the nightstand next to my bed intending to tell everybody about my dream and show them the splinter. The next day, the splinter was gone.

About a year later my foot started hurting in the exact spot where I pulled the splinter out. At first I thought maybe the splinter had broken off and there was another piece of it trying to work it's way out of my body. I looked and looked, and even got a needle and poked around in my foot. But I couldn't find any more splinter. And then the delete key went out on my computer. I took it to the Apple store, they pulled off the delete key, and there was the splinter. I took the splinter home, put it in a baggie so I could show everyone, and promptly lost the baggie. It's gone. I have no idea where it is. That was several months ago. Since then, my foot has been hurting off and on where the splinter came out.

Free Birds, Dead Pets, and Prostitution

From the moment of her conception Little Twit was damned if she did and damned if she didn't. It was a family curse. She will never forget the day her Daddy taught her how to tie her shoes. He laughed and laughed at her futile efforts and finally said, "You can't win for losing, can you Little Twit?!"

She received the nick name "Little Twit" by chirping at a sweet little parakeet named Twitter that she got from the lady next door who was raising birds. She loved to twitter at that little peep and coax him to come out of the sock she put in his cage where he was fond of sleeping. Certain the reason he spent so much time in there was because he was sad and depressed about being cooped up in a cage all the time, unable to spread his wings and fly, she left the cage door open and gave him free roam of the house.

The moment Twitter emerged from his sock and discovered freedom he flew out the door. Little Twit was certain that he would be coming home like Lassie, and refused to cry about losing him. But Twitter never came home. Neither did Dinky the deer, Clara the goat, Wolfie the dog, or Zookey the cow. Wolfie was shot and buried for chasing sheep. Clara Cabrito was consumed at a family reunion. Zookey ended up in the family freezer. Dinky disappeared during dear season with the bell on her neck.

Fortunately a feral cat can be counted on. When Little Twit's family moved they left Spotty behind because out door cats always go back home if you try to move them away. But not this one. It took two weeks for that darn cat to find them, but it showed up at their new house meowing for milk again. Barney the beagle proved his loyalty too. One time Little Twit and her family went to visit grandmother's house, and several hours later that darn dog, who had been left untethered at home sleeping on the back porch, showed up exhausted on Memaw's back porch having run thirty miles to catch up with the family. Little Twit loves cats and dogs because she can count on them to follow her around until the day they die.

At sixteen, Little Twit was sick and tired of being stuck between a rock and a hard place in her confusing dysfunctional family of origin, so she jumped out of the frying pan into a fire and decided to marry. Her heroic catapult was a preemptive effort to avoid bastardizing her forever-to-be un-conceived only son. With less than one smooch and an easy landing that proved it wasn't possible for her to do anything right, she made that bed and she was destined to lie in it until she came to her senses and realized no God would intend for "until death do you part" to mean until your husband kills you. When you can't please anyone else, you might as well please yourself. Little Twit filed for divorce. That is how she learned the hard way that trying to make things better when you ain't got nothin lose is sure to make things worse.

After three years of dutifully doing her wifely duty the newly divorced Little Twit swore she would never put her brand on another pony without riding him around the block a few times. She probably should have won the Kentucky Derby for her Goldilocks attitude. Searching for the big O in the sky, the magic man with the magic wand who could make her come, the first one was too big, the second one was too small, the third one took to long, the fourth one didn't last long enough and on and on until her therapist convinced her perfectionism was the problem.

She had sex with dozens of men performing exotic poses and eliminated every one of them. All swore that sex with her was the best sex they ever had. None could believe she didn't think so too because she seemed to be enjoying herself. Someone dared to speculate that she might be a lesbian because he lacked the love-making skills to satisfy women. Another thought she must have been sexually molested as a child. Amused by all of the well-meaning lovers who wanted her to go see a doctor and be healed so they could marry her, Little Twit made other plans.

Tired of serving mankind without having an orgasm Little Twit began to jokingly ask, "What's in it for me?" The response "How much do you want?" only came as a surprise once.

Old Fashioned Orgasmic Revival

Come one! Come all! Welcome to the Old Fashioned Orgasmic Revival! I am talking about the kind of orgasm people used to have before the word "orgasm" was hijacked and redefined as a "climax" by those who would rather avoid the issue than figure out how to really have one. Back in the good old days when people still thought it might be possible to come together, orgasm was known to be an extremely pleasurable stress-relieving sensation that sent waves of warm blissful energy pulsing through the genitals. If you were lucky, the pleasure might even emanate through your whole body. Songs were written about it. People used drugs to enhance the experience in hopes of attaining a mutual simultaneous orgasm.

Full-body orgasm was considered highly desirable, and there were even spiritual rumors that if two mystical lovers could come together in a mutual simultaneous full-body orgasm while sexually united, orgasm would rewire the human nervous system and it would begin automatically converting sexual energy into spiritual bliss. The true meaning of "Nirvana" is the bliss of sexual energy converted into spiritual energy. Once "chasing more tail" pales in comparison to eternal spiritual bliss, sex naturally becomes cherished as a means of enlightenment and conception exclusively. The mythical children born of such union are said to have the largest and purest souls.

Karezza and Semen Retention are the natural and effortless results of a genuine union of souls. They only seem difficult, daunting, or impossible for those who are still in a state of sexual hunger that is often called "sexual addiction" by our modern culture. It is important to respect sexual hunger and obtain the healthy kind of nutrition your body needs, so it can transform sexual energy into spiritual bliss. To have and to hold, heart to heart, belly to belly, in a full embrace while swaying to the music of life without any expectation beyond a dance is the clean and fertile soil that love needs to grow, a love that is so true it inspires faithfulness and devotion.

Dealing with the Intensity of Dancing

Dancing closely and intimately is more intense for some people than others. It can also be more intense in certain instances than others, even if you are relatively uninhibited. There are also different kinds of nervousness to experience. Dancing with someone who really turns you on will produce a different quality of nervousness than dancing with someone who doesn't. The jitters that are felt when there seems to be a lot at stake are quivery and damp. They make you sweat. The uneasiness of simply dancing as a practice can be more of a strong wary distancing quality as people struggle to gain trust for one another and maintain boundaries. And if you can find the courage to embrace someone that you do not like for a dance or two, you may notice a stiffness and rigidity in your body that makes it difficult to move as fluidly as you would like. In all instances, nervousness can be a clashing struggle both internal and external to the body. But there is also an opportunity to grow beyond it if the desire to do so is genuine and mutual.

It is much easier to relax beyond the nervous dancing jitters if you can sense that your parter feels it too, and is responding in kind. When both people move to mutually to expand or create a comfort zone in the subtle space that is between you, trust is established and can be built upon. To feel that you are being pulled into nervous tension against your will, or sensing that it is being pressed into you, or that you are being pushed away and rejected because it exists will result in alarm. Sometimes it may be necessary to create more space by breaking the connection and refraining from dancing together at all. Dancing is much more than just moving your feet around on the dance floor together. There is a very subtle invisible dance that is also occurring in the quality of connection people are making with their bodies. Cultivating and maintaining the exquisiteness of such connection requires an element of mutual honor and respect.

Precious is the opportunity to flirt with the edges of intensity on the dance floor. It adds a quality of richness to the dance experience. Dancing closely requires a special kind of courage. Dancing closely can be a very challenging exercise and there are paradoxical "less is more" lessons to learn as it both stretches comfort zones and increases the power of self-determination simultaneously. The effect has profound intimate implications, and not just on the dance floor. There is an appreciation that arises when the intensity of dancing closely becomes second nature that is similar to the intensity of sexual experience. that is why becoming more comfortable on the dance floor will have a positive affect on your sex life, too. Indeed, if I were the queen of the universe learning how to to close dance with a partner would be one of the prerequisites to purchasing a marriage license.

Increasing frustration tolerance by building trust while searching for that fine line of mutually agreed upon appropriateness where you can relax and breathe easy is the secret ingredient that causes intimate dancing to be so potent and meaningful. Developing a comfort zone involves both strengthening boundaries and learning how to respect them. Doing so can hold many delightful surprises. Have you ever decided to have sex with someone that you were not very attracted to, out of kindness I suppose, because a sense of sexual urgency and neediness could be detected? It is important to diminish sexual hunger in this world, even if only by a drop or two at a time, if you can. Have you ever been surprised to discover that someone was a fantastic lover, and noticed your respect deepening? Something similar happens when two people develop trust for one another on the dance floor. The magic I am speaking of is born from a commitment to mutually perfecting the alignment of intention.

Pondering the Feelings that Arise from Dancing Closely

Today I decided to try following exclusively while dancing with a woman instead of taking turns leading and following. I was surprised at how much easier the dancing was when I put all of my attention on connecting and responding.

I danced with so many people that I am now worrying about how I can remember them all, so I can take my own advice of taking turns asking, and wait for an invitation the next time. This is so confusing. Do I only take turns asking if we danced? If someone says no once, should I presume it is forever unless they ask me next time? Are there people so shy that they need to be asked several times in order to gather enough confidence to accept the invitation? Your opinions and thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

Memories of when I used to go boot-scooting country western dancing came up for me today, as well. That is when I first realized I am more comfortable dancing with men who have big bellies, because then I don't have to worry about accidentally brushing up against a penis. On one hand I don't want to give anybody the impression I think it was a dirty nasty shameful accident that should be avoided forever more and by acting all red alert. On the other hand, I don't want to behave so cavalierly and nonchalant that I accidentally give people the impression that I am hoping it will happen again, that I am doing it on purpose because it turns me on and I am wanting more.

I am also now wondering whether or not I should go ahead and assume it is okay for me to put my chest against other people's chests so that our heart chakras are touching, or if I should wait for others to place their heart chakras against mine. If I wait for others to embrace me closely, because I don't want to push them too far too fast, and they wait for me to embrace them closely, because they don't want to be presumptive and offend me, we will never embrace, and that means a whole lot less close dancing will go on. The thought of that makes me very sad because the close dancing is what makes my heart soar.

I also realize that dancing very closely and intimately can be an intense experience for many people. And it would be a shame if the intensity of dancing closely caused anyone to stay away.

Noticing the Subtlety of Intimate Dancing

In my opinion close-dancing is the most enjoyable when it emerges from stillness, starts very slowly and deliberately, and it’s done with a specific consciousness and intention in mind. That is to connect, pay attention to the connection, and elaborate on the connection by allowing the music to move you while relishing the touch and feeling of being together in a mutual energetic embrace that is responding to music. Dancing together and enjoying the feeling of touching someone in that way, and being touched in return, is all there is to it. There is no other intention. Nothing more, nothing less. To dance is enough.

When dancing closely with a woman I like to begin in stillness with a simple embrace. Standing together quietly with my partner for a while I wait for the music to move me. If she decides to move first, I match her move with a complementary movement that is motivated by the music. While sensing my partner, and listening to the music at the same time, we take turns leading and following. It is a give and take experience. As the flow of the dance begins moving us, all we have to do is enjoy our embrace and let the music take us for a ride.

Dancing closely with a woman chest to chest, belly to belly, and hip to hip has a tender quality about it that feels extremely vulnerable and trusting to me. I always come away from the experience feeling humbled, honored and awed from having had the privilege of moving in concert together as one with another woman.

When I am dancing closely with a man I am more apt to remember what I learned in ballroom dance classes and “require” him to lead me by doing absolutely nothing unless I get a clear signal from him to move. I will just stand still and enjoy the embrace unless my partner leads me. I am perfectly content listening to the music while being held in stillness. When my partner decides it is time for us to start dancing, my aim is to keep all of my attention on our connection, and pay complete attention to the direction he is giving me by his movement. There is nothing that can distract me from my partner when I am following perfectly.

The dance can only get better if the music is moving my parter and I am tuned in to the music at the same time, in the same way that my partner is. Then it feels to me like we are reading each other’s minds. Both of us are leading and following at the same time. There is a much stronger sense of being one with each other when this happens, than at any other time. I have only danced with a transsexual one time. A friend of mine invited me to go out dancing while he was dressed up like a woman. Given the situation, it only seemed appropriate for me to dress up like a man. So I put on my favorite pair of cowboy boots, some 501 button up jeans, a skin tight t-shirt that showed all my chest muscles, a sports jacket to tone down the t-shirt, and off we went. I drove.

Much to my surprise, however, after we were on the dance floor, she took the lead. And she was the strongest lead I have ever danced with, too. There was no doubt where she wanted me to go or what she wanted me to do. I had no choice but to move the way she commanded. Our connection was firm and one way. I was unavoidably compelled to surrender my all. She led me through a delightful and fun invigorating workout that challenged me mentally and physically to keep up. The many styles and ways of dancing together are multitude.

Authentic dancing emerges as a response to the music. It is not about memorizing moves and practicing patterns. It is about becoming one in essence for a few moments in time and relishing what that it feels like to be in your body touching another person while you are both fully present with one another allowing the sound current to guide you. Intimate dancing is one flow, one movement, and a biological concert of two souls. It is energetic massage of the essence that has the power to heal shame, liberate fear, restore health, empty the mind, and fill the heart with joy. Intimate dancing restores a present moment peace that passes understanding by instilling a once and for all acceptance of what is happening right now. Intimate dancing sows many kinds of seeds from which all the varieties of love can blossom.

Intimate Dancing is the true royal path of Tantra without any distractions. The person standing in front of you receives 100% of your attention while you are dancing. And that is all. It is both the smallest and largest circle of humankind. It is love.

In Pursuit of The Unknown Truth

In tribal cultures the children who can see and hear things that others cannot are sent to study with shamans where they learn how to understand and interpret their impressions for the benefit of everybody in the community. But in this post-inquisition modern society where science is supreme, those who hear voices and have visions are diagnosed with schizophrenia and given drugs to eliminate their “delusions” and many end up in mental hospitals. It is tragic for those who suffer from the suppression, and for the culture that shuns them.

Modern society appreciates and strives for balance, which is a particular state of mind that is considered emotionally stable. Balance can be felt if the brain chemistry is halfway between acid and alkaline. It cannot be achieved nor sustained unless it is also based on the truth. Yet society is afraid of learning from those who have access to truth that most people cannot see. Those who feel a sense of urgency or panic when required to ignore or deny something that is true in order to fit in and be normal, are considered emotionally unstable, perhaps even dangerous.

Yet true balance cannot be achieved much less sustained unless it is based on the truth because the foundation of balance is weak when truth is denied or tainted with bias and false information. To believe otherwise is a great deception

I have been called a genius all my life. This has happened too many times for me to deny it. Until recently, I always considered it a complement and simply said, “Thank You!” I was over fifty when someone also told me that even a dog is smart enough to stop coming back if you call it and then kick it. He also told me that he did not intend it as a complement when he said that I was a genius. In fact, he suggested that I go look it up, because geniuses are idiots. I was quite shocked to realize that in my fifties. People have been laughing at me and insulting me all my life and I didn’t even know it. This painful realization shook the foundation of my confidence in myself and I realized why people also call me gullible.

Before I knew that geniuses are also idiots, I just thought other people were laughing because they did not understand what I was saying. Now I realize they are laughing because they think I am stupid. My family of origin always defended me and excused me for being stupid and gullible by claiming the reason I am funny is because Freddy dropped me on my head. I was just a toddler when it happened. My cousin Freddy sat me on the washing machine and she was bouncing a ball to make me laugh. After a few bounces the ball went flying off in an unexpected direction and Freddy let go of me for a second to retrieve it. When she did, I fell off the washing machine on my head. My crown chakra was the first thing to hit the concrete floor.

The family was really worried about me for a while. But I started talking soon after that, much to the relief of my mother. She tells me that I was repeating great big long words, and I could pronounce them as perfectly as an adult, by the time I was eighteen months old. I would repeat anything that people told me to say. The family enjoyed watching me deliver difficult messages to unsuspecting people and seeing the expressions on their faces. My teenage uncle got in trouble for telling me to go curse in front of the preacher. I didn’t yet understand the meaning of what I was saying to people. I was just an obedient child repeating what I had been told to say.

I was also trained to ignore my psychic impressions and discouraged from developing my intuition. I was an extremely sensitive child, but my grandfather was a scientist who did not believe in mental telepathy or anything metaphysical. He frightened me and I kept my distance from him. My mother repeatedly told me that I was imagining things and not to let my imagination run away with me. To this very day she continues insisting that I need to stop trying to figure things out. But the bible says, “Yea with all they getting, get understanding!” And pursuing the truth is my nature.

When I was singing with the Tapestry Choir we had a program at the Austin State Hospital. The day before the concert, I decided to remove a troublesome mole on my knee and applied some black salve. The next day the wound was still burning like fire. But I bandaged up my knee, put on a pair of pants so nobody could see it, took some Advil, and went to sing anyway even though I was in terrible pain.

When I got in line to sing, one of the mental patients sitting in a wheel chair on the front row began pointing at my knee screaming, “She’s on fire! She’s on fire!” The poor woman became so frightened and agitated that an attendant had to push her wheel chair out of the room. I so wanted to go tell the attendant that my knee really was on fire, and ask if I could show the woman my bandage, but it was time for the choir to start singing, so I didn’t. I still regret failing to do that for her because I know how it feels to be shunned by people who do not know what is going on. Living in this world is much like being a stranger in a strange land, longing to go home.

I shall always wonder if I could have made a difference for that woman in the wheel chair by stepping away from the choir for a moment and validating her intuition. If the cuff of my pants leg had been loose enough, I would have pulled it up and revealed the bandage underneath, instead of allowing everybody to go on thinking that she was completely delusional and needed to be removed from the group.

How important is it for people in conscious communities, who are making an effort to reclaim and develop greater intuitive capacities long denied and kept dormant, to shine the light for each other on blind spots? How long can cultures supporting and defending hidden agendas rely on information that is incomplete and fallacious before the fabric of truth frays and begins tearing? When and where is it time to take a stand and pursue the unknown truth? Will it ever stop being dangerous to do so?